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Live India Hindi is digital platform of News in Hindi. It is launched on 17th of fabruary 2015 in Constitution club ( New Delhi) by Cabinet Minister of Indian government shri Ramvilas Paswan, Then cabinet minister of Indian government and now a days governor of Manipur Mrs Najma Heptullah. Miss supriya kanase and MR Basant jha is founder of this platform. This digital platform has its own android app and very popular on digital platforms like Facebook.

Basant Jha

CO-founder and Managing Editor
Basant Kumar jha (born 24 September 1978) is an Indian journalist and media personality. He is the CO-founder and Managing Editor of Live India digital Platform (Quaint Media consultant Pvt ltd) Basant jha was Born in Patna on September 24, 1978. His father Sitasharan jha ( ( ( was a renowned Media personality of Bihar. He did his schooling in Kendriya Vidyalaya (kankarbagh) and a graduate of Patna University (Bihar).

Supriya Kanse

Co-founder and CEO
Inspirational Quotes:   ‘’I know to go forward, not to come back…..’’   ‘’I believe in Dedication, Extra ordinary communication, Strategic Planning & Group Management skills.’’   About me: (Bio)   I, born on May 17, 1985 in a well educated middle class family near Satara City. I completed my graduation in Commerce faculty and obtained a Masters in Personnel Management. Agricultural based family dedicatedly developed their core business.     I, served as the dynamic and talented Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Broadcast Initiative Limited. Presently Co-founder and CEO of Quaint Media consultant Pvt Ltd (Live India digital platform).

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